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Welcome! You found the open-access curriculum of an MA course looking at socially and ecologically engaged creative practice. Course-related materials, like presentations or reading lists, will be catalogued by week throughout each term.

˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱  UNIT 4 ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

March – June 2024

This unit looks at meaningful ways to collectively envision better futures.

˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱  UNIT 3 ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

January – March 2024

This term is focused on collaborative practice. We are running five briefs and working with different partners in our local community in the South East London borough of Southwark.

˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱  UNIT 1 + 2 ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

October - December 2023

This term is the foundation for the rest of the course. It is focused on introducing and experimenting with anti-oppressive creative research methods and exploring relevant theory and practice. 

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